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              For over 40 years NOVOL has been seeking, testing and developing products for
              your day-to-day coating tasks. We prioritize the challenges you face: minimum


              They are designed to meet your needs and produce the  nish quality you want,
              with problem-free application and optimized processing time. The NOVOL
              topcoats,clearcoats,basecoats,puttiesand llersareexactlywhatyouneedinyour
              bodyshop for efficient body coating repairs. The innovative product identi cation
              and use system is complemented by abbreviated technical data sheets on each

              If you need more support, you can  nd it by consulting NOVOL’s Training
              Department. NOVOL’s representatives and engineers can stay in touch, to give you
              You are always welcome at NOVOL’s Training Centre in Komorniki, near Poznań,
              a state-of-the-art facility where periodic training is delivered, covering the

              characteristics of industrial materials and the selection and application of different

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